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Mar 22, 2013 6:00pm PDT
would provide a better environment than two mothers or two fathers. i asked if he would oppose gay couple that's want to have had children. >> not saying it should be illegal that have but we should not enshrine in the law of principle a child does not deserve a mother and a father. >> this week the leading group of pediatricians saying there is no evidence that sexual orientation of parents has impact on the child. >> in spite of the fact they face challenges in schools and prejudices from the world those children are still turning out just equally well adjusted and happy, equally successful in school, in life. >> he disagrees saying if high court does legalize gay marriage his fear is that it will end the institution of marriage. >> i fear people will not be interested in marrying anymore. marriage will be irrelevant vent he added the church will suffer. >> if what we're teaching is bigotry and discrimination we're not going to be allowed to do that. >> believing if church teachings are backward it will impact the church-run schools, hopts and service agencies. >> if we want to k
Mar 20, 2013 6:00pm PDT
salmon. fda says it won't hurt the environment but yikts say it could threaten other salmon if it gets into the wild. >> these two giants have been compared to fire and ice. a rivalry between apple and samsung over smart phones is fierce as you know. and now they're competing on a new front. david louie reports from san jose. >> many bilgds housing tech companies are ordinary at best but samsung is planning to change that. >> in a number of other companies have realized to attract the workers they come from around the world they need an exciting work place environment for employee autos this is what samsung is planning. these drawings posted on a web site with unusual features. >> it has open spaces. so instead of just being a normal office building is a collapse, it has open floors in it. it allows their employees to meet organic spaces. >> the coolness factor could be a major draw. apple is already working on its own headquarters building in cupertino. >> these two companies hate each other. you know? so everything they do is doing damage to other parties. >> apple and samsung a
Mar 21, 2013 6:00pm PDT
environment. hard to do that if have you cash money or there are coins or paper bills. >> many are unbanked or under banked and the machine can help financial lives. if dumping in coins and get a voucher coin star takes a 9.8% fee f putting in bills the charge is $3 for up to $300 in bills. and $6 for amounts over $300. pick a gift card and you pay no fee. and you can give to charity on your local coin star. >> we like to highlight that and allow them opportunities to donate coin or dollars to that. and that is a fee-free transaction. >> everyone says a penny is useless. >> it's the largest portion of the $3 billion that comes into the machine. it's a valuable part of our mix. >> it works seamlessly with pay pal. still, best move cash in coins for gift cards there is no fee. it's not like you can just buy stuff, you can get prescriptions filled hotel rooms and play video games online. now, safeway was an early adoptor. so these are vidwidely available and there are locations in other stores just go to abc 7 and click on 7 on your side. >> brilliant. >> that is great. >> it
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3